Catalyst Promo

Catalyst was a creative initiative I helped start up with a few coworkers at Mills James. The goal of the club was to get employees to work on one monthly personal creative project. Other than a general theme, the project’s parameters were wide open. People executed their ideas in whatever medium they wished. Some wrote stories, others danced, created videos, took pictures, etc. At the end of each month, we would get together and share our creations.

I directed and edited this video as an internal promo for the club. It features some participants along with a montage of the work they’ve created in Catalyst.

This was an exciting project for me seeing as I got to direct the shoot as well as edit and composite the final video. Being able to lead this project in every aspect from start to finish was an exciting experience. I’m very proud of how it turned out and of all the folks (and their work) it features.

© 2019 Dmitriy Prokhnevskiy