Slavic Nation Mobil App


Slavic Nation is a mobile app geared towards connecting the Slavic community in the United States. My responsibility was to create an animated promotional video for the app’s Kickstarter campaign.

The Challenge

This video had a very specific goal: get people to support the Kickstarter campaign. In addition to design and animation, I was also responsible for also writing the voice-over script. I decided to write a story-line that highlighted the app's key capabilities while at the same time captivated the target audience with humorous cultural inside jokes.

The Process

During the discovery phase of the project, I developed a good understanding of the target audience for this video. It was aimed at Eastern European Slavic people (Russians, Ukrainians, etc.) living in the United States. The app was a sort of a directory of local Slavic businesses and organizations.

After crafting the script, the next step was the ideation phase of the project where I jotted down various ideas and looked for design inspiration. After gathering various images whose style felt appropriate for this video, I compiled it all into a moodboard—a single page collage of visual elements that exemplify the desired style for the project. Moodboards serve as great tools in helping convey to clients my creative vision for the project.

Mood Board

With the script and moodboard completed, the project moved into the previsualization phase where I created a styleframe. The styleframe serves as an example of the final quality that can be expected from the completed animation. This is especially useful because clients can see what the characters and other elements of the yet to be created animation will look like and can give their feedback before I begin animating.

Style Frame

After the styleframe was approved, I moved on to drafting a storyboarda document where the script is married with rough sketches, giving a better idea of how the animation will progress.

Another important previsualization tool that was used in this project was the animatic—a video of the storyboard sketches edited to the final audio track of the animation. The animatic is a great way of timing out individual scenes before jumping into the design and animation phases.

The Outcome

Crafting a captivating script that resonated with the target audience while at the same time highlighting the app's core capabilities was probably the most challenging and rewarding element of this project. In the end, the animation ended up being a great promotional tool for the Slavic Nation Kickstarter campaign.

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